Thursday, November 17, 2011

It is getting a little crazy at my house!  

Huge Art Fairs are scheduled for every Saturday and Sunday until December 11th!  

Lots of glass to make!  Super excited this "Dream Angels" are on display at the Angel Museum in Beloit, Wisconsin.  They also sell my Dream Angels in their Gift Shop!  The Angel Museum has the largest collection of Angels in the world.  Oprah has her collection in the museum.  I was super excited when they asked if I would be interested! 

Amazing......last week at a fair a lady looked at my angels and said "They don't look like an angel!"  I said" Wow, when was the last time you saw an Angel.....because my Angels look like that!"  She looked at me grinned then said "I guess your right" "Nobody really knows what an angel looks like".  I smiled!   Then one week later the head of the Angel Museum wants my Dream Angels on display!  My experience with my angels is a eye opener to everyone that has been told you can't! it's not good enough! or anything else negative!  Do what you feel is right! and odds are it is right!

So I have been making  "Wishing Stars" and Jagermeister Trees!  all week long!  

The ornaments are made using scrape glass.  The Jager trees are made out of smashed Jagermeister bottles!

The glass process I use to make the ornaments is called "Tacking" Glass.  I heat the glass to the point that it adheres itself each piece without losing it's shape.

All of the edges of the glass are smooth ....leaving no sharp edges!

Each ornament is unique and two are every the same!

Which is perfect for Angels, Stars, and Trees!  Because there is never two the same!

Hope you enjoy my work of this week!

Have a Great time....Smile lots and be Happy

Till Monday Music Moves Me

The Glass Lady

Monday, November 14, 2011

Color Me Monday Music Me

Happy Music Moves Me Monday!

Color is the theme for today!

Two very special songs have a color in their name!

Hope you enjoy!

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The Glass Lady

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monday Moves Me ...... 80's Style

Welcome to Monday Music Moves Me....todays theme is
Xmas Dollythe 1980's Songs and/or Disney Songs!

It is a special Monday....I have been named as one of this weeks Spotlight Dancers!


I love anything Egyptian! I have visited museums to see King Tut's items, mummies, I even wear a piece of jewerly shaped like a Scarabaeus sacer.   Which was regarded as sacred by the ancient Egyptians.   

So when the theme was 80's music...I knew which song I wanted to play.  Bonus is when you listen to the keep singing in your head all day!

Hope you enjoyed the song!  Thanks ...... Dolly for hosting another great week of music!
If you would like to join in the fun ......
check out......

Have a Fantastic Monday!
The Glass Lady

Total is Day 8 of my get healthy Life Change......and it is getting easier! I still have to watch myself......but I think ........I am thinking a little wiser when it comes to food intake! Well at least I hope I am!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Saturday

Today is going to be a fantastic day!  I can feel it in my bones!  I have a art fair today! Every fair I wake up way too early!  Today was no exception! Up by 4am...don't have to leave until 6:20am!  Yep over 2 hours early!  Guess I am excited about each fair.  Maybe I will know when it is time for me to stop doing what I do...cuz I won't wake up so early!  Maybe!
Yesterday, was a fun & talking!  Then home to get organized for today and watch TV.  Friday night is a big TV night for us!  Ramsey - Fringe - Gold Rush! My hubby always wanted to mine for Gold! Back in the late 80's we went to Colorado .. he bought a Gold pan and gave it a try.  He got the bug....and it has been with him every since!  Too bad we are too old now! We should of followed our dreams when we were younger!  Our hats are off the the guys on the show!  
They are following a dream ... something we all need to do more often.
Have a good day..stay lots....and tell someone you Love ..that you Love them!
The Glass Lady

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hello...........hope you had a good week.  Day 6 and I am doing fine...woke up this AM and I feel good!  That is a great feeling!  Today, I will be getting everything ready for two huge shows this weekend. Plus, the weather is suppose to be pleasant so I promised King a walk by the lake! Part of my master plan to get healthy is to walk daily.  So off King and & will go!

By chance did you see the video of the Dad beating his daughter with a belt?  Sad! Sad! In the video you see a small child....makes you wonder if why the girl released the video 9 years later ....Was it to stop him from beating the younger child?  This was not the 1st time this has happened to was regular...that is why she had a video camera set up! If you have never been the girl on the have no idea what damage this type of abuse has on a person. Lasting damage ...... that will haunt you for the rest of your life! You keep asking yourself "Why...would someone that loves You that to you?" Guess I will never know.  This Dad was also a Family Law Judge!  His decisions changed lives!  How could he be so self-righteous!  I don't know for sure....but I am guessing he just might not get through the Pearly Gates when it is his time! Makes me wonder...does anyone that does this to a person ...get through the Pearly Gates?

Stay Safe...Smile Lots
Make sure to stop by on Monday...for some fantastic tunes on Monday Music Moves Me!
The Glass Lady

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It is cold and rainy here in Wisconsin!  It is one of those days when you would just like to sit with a good book and say "to heck with everything".   The past few days I have been working on glass for two big shows this weekend - plus working on our shop items.  It takes a lot of time to market.  Sounds silly but it really takes time. Today after I get the glass beads set into the items - I am planning a trip to Hobby Lobby!  I want to check on some Christmas knives and also look at their plastic containers.  I am making Sugar Scrub for my friends and family for Christmas. I was going to put the scrub in glass and then my husband reminded me that glass and the bathroom don't plastic it is. I have already purchased the oils and the Vitamin E oil and all I need is the containers. Funny ...The Glass Lady buying plastic!  It will be a good day...I love to browse through Hobby Lobby!

Today is day 5 of my weight loss plan!  Going pretty good....the night time is my hardest time..right before bed!  I have been drinking flavored tea ...that is working to curb the appetite.  I will have to think of different things to munch on! I have come to realize that this is going to have to be a life changing approach.....just like when I quit smoking! It is forever..not just till I loss the weight I want.  Stopping smoking was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life!  7 year Anniversary December 7th!  :>)  I had to change my habits ..... to this day I still have a hard time just sitting at the kitchen!  That was my smoking spot for over 35 years!  So have joined the likes of my evil past friend the cigarette! 

Thanks to everyone that enjoyed the creeping Halloween song!  That song really gives me the creeps! plus a Big Thanks for being a follower! Stop back for new tunes every Monday!

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Music Moves Me.....Halloween Style Blog Hop

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to Monday Music Moves Me

Since today is Halloween ........ the theme for today is SPOOKY songs fitting for a fine Halloween!
Not sure about YOU........but this song gives me the creeps!

I thought it was a perfect song for
Halloween Day Monday Music Moves Me!

Thanks Dolly for hosting another fun week of tunes!

Have a Very Happy and Safe Halloween
The Glass Lady
Day #2 .......... reducing the amount of half n half worked!  YEAH!  One day closer to my goal!